Haverland AIRPURE140C | HEPA13 and UV disinfection | 8 speed | 65W | for 140m2 | air quality indicator

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This new Air Purifier offers complete protection against air pollution in your chosen room, revealing and eliminating all invisible and odorless threats. Threats such as PM2.5(1), CO2, TVOC(2), pollen, smoke, dust, odor...

This new Air Purifier has advanced Artificial Intelligence that allows it to automatically switch between its 8 speeds to adjust to environmental pollution and clean it effectively.

Its powerful purification system is based on its filter system (washable antibacterial, deodorizing and HEPA) and its UVC disinfection (UVC LED); It is capable of reaching 5 air changes per hour in a 140m2 space, thanks to its 3 air circulation paths.

Conceived with a shield design and incorporating a handle for easy transport, this new purifier completes its benefits with a large color screen that clearly shows 5 indicators of the air quality in the room (CO2, PM2.5 (1), TVOC(2), temperature and humidity) and 3 indicators of the device's operation (filter life, NIGHT mode and current speed.

Power: 65W

Voltage: 220-240V - 50Hz

For rooms up to 140m2

CDR value: 600m3/h

Antibacterial, deodorizing and HEPA13 filter

Indicator CO2, PM2.5, TVOC, Temperature, Humidity

silent night mode

8 fan speeds

Automatic fan speed adjustment

Sound level 53dB

Size: 43.1 x 22.6 x 59.5cm

Weight: 8.5kg

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