Haverland FILTERS AIRPURE19 | Pack 2 Filters for Haverland AIRPURE19 | 1 HEPA Filter + 1 Activated Carbon Filter

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AIRPURE19 FILTRERS: Pack of 2 replacement filters, 1 HEPA filter and 1 Active Carbon filter, for the Haverland AIRPURE19 model air purifier.

HEPA FILTER: Unlike a normal filter, the HEPA filter removes 99.97% of all particles larger than 0.3 Micron.

ACTIVE CARBON FILTER: the deodorization filter with Activated Carbon absorbs harmful chemicals such as TVOC and formaldehyde.

QUALITY AND EFFICIENCY: Thanks to these high-quality, high-performance filters, you can enjoy a clean and healthy environment at home with your Haverland air purifier.

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