Haverland WI9 – Cast aluminum inertia electric radiator, self-programming, ideal use +6h/day, 1400W

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MODERN AND EFFICIENT: The Haverland WI range offers not only a modern design but above all an economical and efficient heating solution thanks to its high thermal inertia elements in cast aluminum, and its high quality resistance. Also equipped with a high precision PID digital thermostat (+/- 0.2 °C), the WI emitter is a powerful thermal conductor that will allow you to keep your home at a pleasant, homogeneous and constant temperature, saving energy.

SELF-PROGRAMMING: Thanks to its presence sensor, Haverland WI self-programs itself, learning your daily routine based on your presence, thus helping to save without the need for complicated programming. You can select between 3 operating modes: "self-learning", "presence sensor" and manual mode; as well as select between 3 temperature functions: comfort, economy and antifreeze.

(*) CONNECTABLE VIA WIFI: (Optional) The WI model includes an integrated Wireless control module that, with the Haverland Smartbox (not included), allows you to control and program the emitter(s) via the free APP for Smartphone or Tablet, easily and individually for each of your compatible Haverland transmitters, and that, at any time. Compatible with Amazon Alexa.

SAFE AND EASY: Haverland WI includes an automatic keypad locking system, as well as a thermal limiter for safe use. Easy to install and use, all the emitters come with their complete installation kit and accessories.

HAVERLAND WI9: The WI9 (1400 W) model has 9 heating elements and is ideal for prolonged use of more than 6 hours a day for rooms of +/- 16-24 m².


* Thermal emitter of high thermal inertia with cast aluminum elements.

* Continuous self-programming thanks to its presence detector.

* 3 operating modes: "self-learning", "presence sensor" and manual mode.

* Presence sensor.

* High quality resistance for a homogeneous distribution of heat.

* High precision digital thermostat (+/- 0.2ºC)

* Integrated Wireless control module for 24/7 programming via the free APP with the purchase of the Haverland Smartbox (not included).

* Compatible with Alexa.

* Long life lithium battery.

* Automatic keyboard lock system.

* Safety thermal limiter.

* Installation kit and accessories.

* Easy maintenance.


* Model: WI9

* Type: Electric thermal emitter with high thermal inertia

* Power: 1400W

* Voltage: 230V

* White color

* Recommended area: +/- 16-24 m²

* Recommended use: prolonged use of more than 6 h/day

* Heating elements: 9 curved cast aluminum elements

* Dimensions: 522 x 1060 x 70mm

* Weight: 12.4kg

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