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At Haverland Store we are experts in climatic comfort and offer a wide range of thermal emitters to combat the cold. When we talk about thermal emitters, we refer to completely independent heating systems that emit heat efficiently in all types of rooms and that operate with electrical energy.

If you need to buy a thermal emitter to heat a room within our online store you will find the best and latest models of professional brands such as Haverland and Honeywell, leaders in electrical heating systems.

Advantages of buying a Haverland thermal emitter

Thermal emitters have many advantages in combating the cold. That is why we recommend these heating systems for homes and rooms of all kinds.

Our devices do not need installation, which makes their use in any home much faster. On the other hand, they are clean heat systems, which means that they do not produce waste or pollute the environment thanks to the technologies they incorporate.

Haverland's energy-saving emitters have different modes of use, all of which are easy to use and generate heat efficiently, promoting savings.

As we have mentioned, they are independent systems that allow different rooms to be heated with total autonomy. They make it particularly easy to move heat to different areas of a room.

The thermal emitters have the characteristic of offering heat quickly and once disconnected, they store it for long periods of time thanks to the characteristics of internal materials that promote heat conductivity.

They are heat systems with a long useful life that contribute to an intelligent use of the product with respect to the care of the environment thanks to the use of electrical energy.


If you are looking for a thermal emitter for indoor use, within our catalogue you will find different models suitable for your needs. Before choosing one or another model, certain considerations must be taken into account in order to make the right purchase.

The Power

It is important to calculate the power you need according to the needs with respect to the area you plan to heat. You should calculate between 80 and 100 W for each square metre of the room. To be a little more precise, you need approximately 90-120 W to heat an area of 12 square metres.

Energy efficiency

Saving is one of the characteristics that consumers take most into account when buying an electric heater. Our emitters are equipped with the latest technologies that optimize operation to the benefit of savings for the home.

The Dimensions

Another feature to consider is the size of the heat emitter, as choosing a heat system that is too large will not correspond to a very small room as it will take up all the space. Conversely, if you buy a thermal emitter that is too small to heat a very large room, it will not fulfil its purpose.


Always look for safety features in all heating systems as overheating must be avoided. In Clima Electric we are committed to safety in the home and we offer thermal emitters with the latest technology in safety.