Electric Panel Heaters

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An electric panel or electric panel heater is a low consumption electric heating system that heats up quickly and can be used to acclimatize rooms in a pleasant way without generating waste. As they are individual bodies, they do not depend on central heating so, even if you have this, you can install electric panel heaters as an additional method of heating your home.

In our catalogue you will find various models of electric panel heaters that will adapt to your needs, whatever they may be, helping you to achieve the greatest climatic comfort.

How does a electric panel heater work?

To understand how a electric panel heater works, it is enough to think about how sunlight heats our planet. It is heat created by radiation, which directly acclimatises people, objects and rooms.

One characteristic and advantage of electric panel heaters is that they manage to reduce the energy waste produced when heat escapes through the windows, since the radiation does not pass through the glass of which the panels are made.

Characteristics of the radiant panels at Haverland Store

The electric panel heaters that our customers can find in this category, highlighting those Haverland electric panel heaters that offer a superior quality, have a number of common features among which we can highlight: adjustable thermostat, safety thermal limiter and silent operation.

Why buy a electric panel heater?

You may be interested in buying a electric panel heater for different reasons, depending on your needs:

- You want to complement another heating system with a electric panel heater.

- You want to heat rooms occasionally.

- You need a heater for short periods of time.

At Haverland Store we have different models of electric panel heaters at the best prices. If you have any doubts, ask our experts in climatic comfort.